Archaelogical Dig Yields Decade-Old Treasure

I was ransacking my bookshelves this morning for an ancient Communciation Arts annual, when I found this 10-year-old (almost to the day) issue of The Industry Standard.

If you were working back in the late 90s, you’ll instantly recognize “the Standard” as the often-brick-thick bible of every would-be Internet IPO mega-millionaire.

And for some reason, I saved this inaugural “100 Most Important Companies in the Internet Economy” issue.

Paging through, some choices made me wince (MCI, Earthlink and Compaq, for example). But for the most part, the publication, now reincarnated as an online site, can hold its head high.

What it didn’t get right was this bold prediction: “The momentum of the Internet Economy is so powerful that it overwhelms cyclical ups and downs.”

Ahhh, that kind of frothy talk makes me melancholy for those effervescent
times. Hmmm, I wonder what I can get for this thing on eBay?