A Lesson in Modern Fund Raising

Not-for-profit organizations are really hurting this year. And every day my mailbox is stuffed with a pleas for donations “in these difficult times.”

Charity: Water is one of the smart organizations out there that understands that you have to stand out to survive.

It’s latest “Water for Schools” campaign is a perfect example of how modern fund raising is done:

• Focus on a specific problem. (“At half of all schools around the world, students are going back to class without access to clean water.”)

• Have a simple, attainable goal. (“We’re aiming to bring clean, safe drinking water, private latrines and hand-washing stations to at least 100 schools in developing nations in the first year.”)

• Catch fishermen, not fish. (“We’ve created a fundraising kit for all ages and it has everything you need to get started.”)

• Show me compelling results. (“We send photographers into the field to document the results of the projects you help fund.”)

Great job, Charity: Water. By focusing on this massive issue “one well at a time,” you’re making a huge—and demonstrable—impact on the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe.