Obama Needs to Channel Don Draper

The dinosaurs at Sterling Cooper may not recognize that their days are numbered.

But Don Draper is still the T-Rex of advertising rhetoric, as he proved again a few weeks ago when talking to Madison Square Garden developers fighting vocal protests to tear down historic Penn Station:

“If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.”

Good advice, Don. And it’s exactly what the Obama administration needs to do right now to get health care reform back on track. 

The folks at AARP may have pinpointed the perfect icebreaker in a new ad (see video above): “It’s time to fix what’s broken with health care.”

The organization’s Health Action Now website lays out the argument plainly in language that both political parties can get behind:

“Americans will no longer settle for a health care system that costs too much, wastes too much, and leaves too many without care. Tell Congress that NOW is the time for health care reform.”

Let’s see, Draper would probably be in his late 70s now. Perhaps he’s hanging up his feathered fedora at AARP these days.