Can You Crowdsource a Product Name?

Great product names are really hard to develop. Just ask Kodak who is shopping for a new moniker for its Zi8 pocket video camera, after the Boston Globe ballyhooed the product but called the name “dreadful.

You can almost hear the minds up in Rochester whirring: Let’s have a contest! And that’s exactly what the scuffling imaging company has launched.

A contest is every branding agency’s nightmare, of course. And I rolled my eyes deep into my head when I read about it, too.

But you know what: In less than 48 hours, nearly 1,500 individuals have submitted entries. And some of them are not bad.

Among my favorites: Züm (pronounced “zoom,” a competitive product feature), Zoey (like Joey, a baby kangaroo that sits in a pocket) and the Snazz. (Kodak confesses in its mini-brief that it has a soft spot for Zs.)

Scroll through the growing list and see what you think. Then submit your own idea before 6AM (Eastern) on Monday, August 24. (Sorry, David Nacca: “Lightning in a Pocket” doesn’t have a chance.)