The Slimehead, Rebranded, Longs For Its Old Name

Photo by Katie Marie on, (cc) some rights reservedThere’s no such thing as a Chilean sea bass. The once-popular menu item is really a Patagonian toothfish, renamed to sound more appetizing when read aloud by a snooty waiter.

Orange roughy is a made-up moniker, too. The fish’s real name (hold your nose): Slimehead, so named for its distinctive mucous canals.

While both makeovers belong in the rebranding Hall of Fame, don’t expect either of these two fellows to show up at the induction ceremony.

That’s because both species—along with other eloquently renamed “trash fish”—are now endangered, as reported in this morning’s Washington Post.

So think twice before you order that monkfish, uni or peekytoe crab. Mother Nature isn’t as “scalable” as the business world.