Just Another Meat-Free Monday (Oh, Whoa)

Photo © 2007 MPL Communications Ltd./Max VadukulWhen I visited Belgium a month ago, I read that the Flemish town of Ghent had designated every Thursday as Veggiedag (Veggie Day), urging its citizens to go meat-free just one day a week.

While I know that the theory of “small change” is widely debated, I really liked this idea. Stop eating meat entirely? That’s a pretty radical change. But give it up one day a week: Hey, I could do that. And maybe I’d even learn something in the process.

Now a group of celebs—including avowed vegetarian Paul McCartney—is giving that idea some juice with a new Meat Free Monday campaign, launched earlier this month. The pitch: “By making a simple change in the way you eat, you are taking part in a world-changing campaign where what’s good for you is also good for the planet.”

Really nice work—and a true example of strategic communications, because the campaign aims to unite people who hold different views, rather than radicalizing those differences. You can’t change someone’s behavior by bellowing at them with a louder megaphone.

Savvy veggie-friendly marketers would be wise to pick up the theme. Hey, Wednesday used to be Prince spaghetti day. Why not Meat Free Monday?