What GM Should Learn From Wal-Mart

Should the new GM start with a new name, an AP story asked over the weekend.

It’s a surprisingly bland story, characterized by this even more colorless quote by a University of Chicago marketing prof: “I’m not sure there’d be that much harm in rebranding.”

The real answer, if GM is listening: Change your culture, not your name. 

Stop talking about yourself, as you do in this predictable reinvention ad. And start letting your actions speak for themselves through real change.

A good example: Look at how Wal-Mart has transformed itself and its reputation over the past three years, without a name change, through its commitment to sustainability.

Listen to Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard praise Wal-Mart in the video above, if you need further convincing. Don’t change the GM name. Make it stand for something again.