How Green Are Your Pinstripes?

Dear Mr. Steinbrenner:

Thanks for a great time on Saturday. The new Yankee Stadium really is as beautiful as people really say. And amazingly friendly, too.

I’m not going to repeat what other others have written about the spectacular concourses, or cool new bleacher area ($14 is a bargain, by the way), I’d rather talk trash—well, compost, actually.

I think it’s fantastic that you have compost bins throughout the facility. But here’s the thing: People don’t know what compost is, so you need to educate us a little bit. And I’d love to know where that compost is going, too. (To community gardens in the Bronx, perhaps?)

Are your grass clippings also being composted? Have you reduced the use of fertilizers and chemicals? What are you doing to save water and energy? These could be great lessons for the millions of fans, and especially kids, who come through your turnstiles every year.

While you’re at it: Reduce your food packaging. More than half of those cardboard hot dog containers go right in the trash from the condiment bar. I know they are recyclable, but why not just cut out the middle man on that one.

Maybe that’s all in the works. If so, let fans know by putting up posters near the bins and food lines. Post info on your website. Switch to paper food wrappers with your composting story printed on every one.

I know a lot of today’s MLB players don’t want to be role models, but perhaps your organization can be.

Sincerely, A Cubs fan who looks forward to his next visit to Yankee Stadium