The World’s Most Repellent Brands

CoreBrand released its Brand Power Index last week. (Coke and J&J were No. 1 and No. 2 again for the fifth straight year.)

Interbrand and BusinessWeek also publish an annual Best Global Brands list, which ranks companies by their brand value. (No surprises: Coke and IBM were tops in 2008.)

So why isn’t there a prominent “brand antipathy” list, too? The closest thing I could find was this dishonor roll of the U.K.’s 50 Most Hated Brands, which was led by McDonald’s last year.

I thought of this on Sunday when I did EVERYTHING possible to avoid booking an upcoming trip on Northwest, even though its flights were more affordable and convenient. (I’ve had horrible experiences on the airline.)

Then it crossed my mind again this morning, as I considered not renewing my more than 10-year-old subscription to because Rupert Murdoch, who now owns Dow Jones and Fox News, repels me.

Maybe that’s the hook: The World’s Most Repellent Brands. The list could be derived from various hard data—from poor customer service ratings to derisive social media mentions. Factor in corporate scandals, too.

Now that would get some press. Except from Rupert Murdoch, I guess.