Would You Buy Water in a Box?

I’m far from green. But I bought a Klean Kanteen last year, so I no longer buy bottled water when I travel into NYC for meetings or school, or when I take long walks with my dog.

Sure, it felt a little weird at first, but now it’s second nature. Same goes for switching to soymilk last spring, after a lifetime of drinking only dairy. Now I actually like soy (Silk Light, in my case) better.

So why is the idea of Boxed Water® not working for me, despite its social and environmental benefits?

Is it because it’s not as portable? Is it the preachy package design? Do I think boxed water won’t taste as fresh or clean?

Does it feel like a gimmick? Is it because I associate cartoned products with “going bad”? Do plastic bottles somehow add perceived value to water that cartons don’t?

Does the idea of a milk carton on an unrefrigerated supermarket shelf make me gag? Does it remind me of boxed wine?

I’m not sure, really. And that what makes every marketer’s job so tough: You not only have to know what motivates consumers, you have to understand what “de-motivates” them, too. In the case of boxed water, those barriers may influence purchase decisions far more than the benefits.