Hilton’s Teaser Is a Turn-Off

I received an e-mail from Hilton last week breathlessly announcing its new “antitode to attitude” brand: Denizen Hotels.

Unfortunately, Denizen’s website is all attitude—and no substance at all.

If you can conquer the site’s opaque navigation, you may encounter several personalities, including a self-realized maverick who spends her time listening to I Monster’s “Daydream in Blue” and doing good at SocialVibe.com.

But you won’t find a single description of the hotels themselves, even though the site says that there are “six current Denizens across the world.”

As it turns out, the brand won’t even open its first location until 2012, according to The Wall Street Journal. So the site may actually be pitching potential developers, which is a tough sell in this market.

Don’t be surprised if the Denizen brand gets a complete redesign before anyone cuts an inaugural ribbon. This work feels more like a “mood board” than the real deal.

In the words of Denizen’s maverick: “It’s wretched to be satisfied with mediocrity when the excellent lies before us.” (No attitude there, huh?)