Is The Bottom Line Always the Bottom Line?

Lots of folks are talking about the full-page ad Wells Fargo purchased in The New York Times yesterday to complain about the media.

To Wells—and every other bank that’s accepted TARP money—grow some skin. To everyone else, start talking instead about this modest 15-column-inch ad in the same paper (see above).

Steven Korman, head of a Philadelphia-based real estate management firm asks some good questions here: How much profit is enough in these difficult times? And do layoffs by profitable companies deepen our current economic woes rather than correcting for them?

I’m not smart enough to answer those questions. But certainly they are worth debating a lot more than whether or not Wells Fargo should hold employee-recognition events in Vegas.

By the way, if you’re heading to New York, Phillie or Washington D.C. in the coming months, check out Korman Communities’ hotels and other properties (marketed under the AKA, AVE and ARK brands). Now that Steven has published this ad, he needs to keep his employees working.