Perhaps the Haters Were Right

About a month ago, I wrote that Pepsi’s much-derided new logo deserved a second look before passing judgment.

But now that I’ve seen Arnell Group’s BREATHTAKING design strategy for the new logo, I think “the haters” (thanks, Tina and Gwyn) may have been right.

The hubristic document—which references everything from the Mona Lisa to the Earth’s magnetic field—was leaked earlier this week by AgencySpy and verified this morning by Ad Age.

I still think it may be a hoax, but I just can’t get behind the logo any more after reading Peter Arnell’s quote in Ad Age: “When I did the Pepsi logo, I told Pepsi that I wanted to go to Asia, to China and Japan, for a month and tuck myself away and just design it and study it and create it.”

For more deep thoughts—including an obligatory reference to the Golden Ratio—download BREATHTAKING here and judge for yourself.