Sowing the Seeds of Doubt over Climate Change

If you’ve tuned into FOX lately, you’ve probably shaken your head at the growing parade of climate-change deniers that the network is promoting.

Among my faves is Michigan Rep. Thaddeus McCotter who claims that global warming “has yet to be proven” based on his own Flintstones-esque version of history.

It all sounds ridiculous, of course. But these contrarians don’t need you to believe their stories. They just want to sow doubt.

The strategy—as used by the tobacco industry and many others—is detailed in David Michaels’ “Doubt Is Their Product,” one of the best books I read all year.

Everyone packing a bag for the Climate Change Conference should read it on en route to Copenhagen. Because the individuals denying global warming don’t care if you and I laugh at them. All they want to do is to persuade enough people to say: “Gee, do we really have enough proof?”

The easiest way to derail progress in any endeavor is to ask for more data.