Che What? Guvera is All Manifesto, No Meat

Can we please ban the word “revolution” from all advertising copy?

A rebellious new music-based marketing/adverting firm, goes one step further, calling itself Guvera, complete with a red star logo. (Oh, no.)

The company ran an ad this week on the back page of Ad Age. But based on this “About” copy on its website, I still don’t know what Guvera does:

Guvera Limited is the next generation in Branded Entertainment as advertisers look for new ways to connect with audiences. Because in a world where consumers have control and disruptive advertising no longer works, the only option is to change the model itself.

Guvera is not to be confused with other websites or channels seeking advertising support. Guvera is in fact a tool specifically designed to completely reverse the very concept of advertising, moving away from being something that disrupts entertainment we consume to forming a part of the very place we go to access entertainment.

A client once told me that I wrote with too much “wind up” before I got to the “pitch.” Guvera could learn from the same advice by telling marketers what they really want to know: What can you do for me?