How to Make Social Responsibility Fun

Volkswagen and its agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky split earlier this year, as the automaker seeks to retool its image in the United States.

VW is said to be aiming for greater “mass appeal” (Washington Post) and is now searching for a more “mainstream agency” (Advertising Age) to achieve its goals.

Dear Volkswagen US: Don’t do it. Driving down the middle of the road is the surest way to get run over.

Instead, tweak the quirky brand you and your agency have so cleverly created. So instead of just being “fun,” build your brand around the idea of “socially responsible fun.”

The odd thing is, you’re already doing that in Sweden, as this fabulous “Piano Staircase” video (above) attests.

The idea that “social responsibility doesn’t have to be boring” has endless creative possibilities, and would allow you to carve out a much larger U.S. market than all the cupholders in the world ever will.