And You Thought You Were Having a Bad Week

Maybe it was just the dreary weather. Or the culmination of a draining year. But it sure was a down-in-the-mouth week for so many people I know.

I even got a “Dear Customer” letter from Big Earl, my hometown trash hauler:

“I really do not want to end our business relationship. However, I have been experiencing many health issues. Just this summer alone, I was hit by a drunk driver who maimed me for life, was rear ended by a tractor trailer while sitting at a traffic light and suffered a head injury at the Monroe dump as I was separating metal from the rest of the items in the dumpster.”

Despite all that, Earl ends his letter with a cheerful thank you and rousing pledge that, no matter what, he will always be Monroe’s “Dumpster King.”

C’mon, Friday: I’ll take whatever you can throw at me. I’ve got my Earl on today and you can’t touch me. 

Photo by Kevin Steele on, (cc) some rights reserved.