The Other Reason Amp Should Scrap Its App

A lot has been written about Pepsi Amp’s puerile “Amp Before You Score” Apple iPhone app this week.

If you haven’t seen or read about it, the app gives pickup lines and other advice to guys for “scoring” with women of various stereotypes, like those depicted above. 

So far, Pepsi has tweeted an apology—“We apologize if it’s in bad taste & appreciate your feedback”—but the company hasn’t taken the insulting app down from the Apple store.

Employing the “Axe defense,” a Pepsi spokesperson explained, “The application was designed to entertain and appeal to Amp’s target.”

If the public outcry isn’t enough (and it should be), here’s one more reason Pepsi should “scrap the app” today: The campaign’s juvenile personality is way off brand.

Amp has increased its sales in a declining market through authenticity, not randy locker-room humor, ala other brands that target young men.

Oh, and by the way, “nerd girl” pick-up lines like “Your mouth says, ‘Shields up,’ but your eyes say, ‘A hull breach is imminent’” aren’t funny anyway.