Pepsi Logo Deserves a Second Look

Creative folks, of which I’m one, are a funny bunch.

We wince when a client rejects an idea of ours out of hand. But we’ll gladly critique someone else’s creative work with the same snappish judgment.

Case in point: The redesign of the Pepsi logo, which is meant to suggest a smile. (To see how it plays out across the Pepsi portfolio, click here.)

When launched in October, the blogosphere buzzed with nasty comments from pros and neophytes alike, who called the new design everything from “brand butchering” to “the butt crack.”

Three months later, I think the design deserves a second look, especially when you see the logo in the context of this effervescent New Year’s ad (above) and these buoyant billboards in Times Square.

Will the idea loose its fizz? Let’s see more before rushing to a verdict. And let’s hope our clients do the same for all of us in 2009, too.