Delighted to be Delayed

We all know that air travel sucks. But a three-hour delay on a Friday night really sucks. I could see it on the gray faces of everyone waiting with me to fly home to New York from Cleveland three nights ago.

Then something magical happened: My 7 PM flight, which had been delayed until 10, was moved up to 9. And then to 8:30. So, even though we took off 90 minutes late, everyone on board was overjoyed. Even jubilant. 

Years ago, I was interviewing the chairman of a large media and entertainment firm when I saw a sign posted next to the receiver of his telephone: UNDER PROMISE, OVER DELIVER.

Based on my experience on Friday night, I can’t think of better advice for communicators. Especially in these turbulent times.

Photo by smellyknee on, (cc) some rights reserved.