The High Cost of Lost Trust

This image has been making the e-mail rounds this week. Among others, TIME magazine’s Justin Fox featured it earlier this week in his excellent blog, “The Curious Capitalist.”

Without a column inch of commentary, the perverted parody makes its point at a glance: Why should we trust you this time?

Henry Paulson, Ben Bernanke and others in the administration should have anticipated this mindset before bulldozing ahead with their “we know better than you” strategy for selling the current Wall Street bailout.

A more balanced solution—and less arrogant approach—may have gotten them further, faster, than their Armageddon rhetoric.

Is the U.S. truly heading for Depression 2.0? The answer is now being lost in the fog of campaign politics, so we may not find out until it’s too late.

That’s the high cost of lost trust. And it’s a good lesson for individuals, companies and organizations of all sizes. No matter how many billions or trillions they are worth.