“Eight is Enough” Won't Be Enough

“Eight is Enough” was a compelling soundbite from Barack Obama’s historic speech in Denver last Thursday night. But it won’t be enough to stir the hearts and minds of independent voters, who will decide the November election.

The problem: John McCain continues to do an astonishing job of positioning himself as a candidate of “change,” whether that change is real or not.

Just witness the events of the past few days: McCain’s selection of fellow “maverick” Sarah Palin and the Republican party’s fancy footwork to reposition its convention as a “call to service” and charity drive.

John McCain lets independents have their cake and eat it, too, because he promotes change without disrupting the values (pro-life, pro-NRA) that so many of these voters hold dear.

That’s why “don’t be fooled again” would be a more effective campaign theme for the Dems, as I blogged a few days ago. It would remind uncommitted voters that they’ve been led down this yellow-brick road before, only to be deceived, repeatedly, by the Republican party.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. But fool me thrice, shame on us all.