Feeling Bad, Honey? Eat Something.

Friday night’s jaw-dropping opening ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Olympics made the halftime show at the Super Bowl look like a battle of the bands at a rural high school.

When it comes to advertising, however, the annual American football classic still wins hands down.

With the exception of Coke’s beguiling Bird’s Nest ad, very few ads even stood out on Friday night. And, if there were a public poll, Budweiser’s recycled “Rocky” ad would probably take the gold.

I’m sure this McDonald’s “Victory” ad (above) would score big, too. But is it really the Olympic spirit to depict winners taunting losers, losers scowling at winners, and parents soothing sagging spirits with fatty food?

You gotta’ love the music, however. So thanks McDonald’s for introducing me to Brazil’s Os Mutantes. Say, maybe there is hope for a Return to Forever Swiffer ad after all.