Returning to Forever

I guess I’ve always been a long-tail guy. (Long before Wired’s Chris Anderson coined the term.)

So back in college, when other kids were amping out to Joe Walsh, I’d be listening to Weather Report or Tony Williams on my Koss 4As.

Most people call the music jazz fusion. (Although jazz purists call it ruder things.) And tonite, in New York, I’m going to see of the “supergroups” of the genre, Return to Forever.

Dusting off some ragged RTF albums this morning, it’s not hard for me to understand why old songs are such a staple in advertising. Two or three notes of the right tune can evoke powerful memories—and emotions.

While I don’t expect to hear “Sofistifunk” in a Swiffer ad anytime soon, some savvy marketer should be trying to tap into this long-tail (and, sadly, long-in-the-tooth) market. I know there are going to be about 3,000 fusion fanatics at tonite’s show who’d love to hear your pitch.