Ruby Tuesday Drops The Bomb

During the Cold War, it was fun to watch Boris Badenov hurl bombs at Rocky and Bullwinkle.

But bombs have been anything but funny in the post-9/11 era. In fact, even joking about them can get you into pretty big trouble.

Casual dining chain Ruby Tuesday has unlocked the door on the TNT shed in this arresting ad that ran in Friday’s USA Today.

While I’m sure the ad offended some, I think it was just good-natured fun. And a creative, attention-getting way to invite readers to watch the live demolition of the chain’s  “last old Ruby Tuesday” restaurant, following a total makeover of its locations.

Hopefully, casual diners will get the joke. With its stock down more than 75 percent over the past two years, Ruby Tuesday can’t afford to have this bomb go off in its hands.