The Only Vote That Matters

Very Short List just turned me on to Perspctv, the real-time political news tracker that features a “gas-pump scroll” of wire stories, blogs and tweets.

But VSL neglected to point out one of the site’s best features—a presidential electoral vote map, based on current state-by-state polling data.

I’m hoping other media follow Perspctv’s lead rather than focusing on meaningless national popularity polls. (How many times will we read about “convention bounces” over the next two weeks?)

Three cheers, Perspctv. You’ve won a place in my bookmark bar. Now if someone could just design an electoral map that graphically depicts each state’s vote count rather than its geographic area.

BTW, according to Perspctv’s count, Obama currently leads McCain in electoral votes: 273 to 252 (with 270 needed to win). Yep, it all could come down to Florida and Ohio again.