Will The Truth Really Win Out?

“… there are psychology studies, when you tell people that information is incorrect, they forget it is incorrect. They only remember the misinformation.”

If you got a chance to read Errol Morris’s essay on photo manipulation, you may recognize that quote from Dartmouth professor, Hany Farid.

Farid’s point applies to far more than photography. It includes books like “Obama Nation,” the controversial tome that skipped to No. 1 on The New York TImes best-seller list this week.

The Obama campaign struck back swiftly yesterday, posting a terse rebuttal on its Fight the Smears website.

Unfortunately, as Farid’s quote points out, the damage may already have been done, even if only among a small fraction of voters. And, as recent elections have proven, sometimes that’s all it takes.

Obama needs to get off the beach and on the offensive, or he’ll spend the next 80 days merely fighting off his opponent’s punches. I’m already bracing for footage of Obama bodysurfing in Hawaii in upcoming McCain ads.