Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Oklahoma City TBDs

MplsLakersLogo.gifThe L.A. Lakers were originally from Minnesota, the “land of 10,000 lakes.” The Memphis Grizzlies got their start in Vancouver. And the Utah Jazz began their history in New Orleans.

The new owners of the Seattle SuperSonics aren’t going to make the same branding mistake by keeping the team’s Boeing-inspired nickname when they move to Oklahoma City this fall.

The guessing game has already begun online: The OKC Outlaws, Wranglers, Boomers or Stampede? The Thunder, Lightning, Tornado or Wind? The Oilers or Roughnecks?

Will the new owners take that route? Or will they pick a name that rebrands the region in a more progressive light? I’m betting on the latter. But, then again, I didn’t know that Sooners were early settlers—and unlawful land grabbers, in many cases—before I looked it up this morning.