Bye, Bye Bud Bowl?

BudweiserB.jpgBudweiser advertising is as ubiquitous at sporting events as long lines outside of restrooms.

That may be coming to an end—Bud’s omnipresence, that is.

MediaPost’s Karl Greenberg reports today that sports marketers and media sellers are nervous that Anheuser-Busch’s new owner InBev will the skim the froth off Bud’s nearly half-billion-dollar annual sports marketing budget.

Citing Darin Perry of Omnicom’s Millsport, Greenberg’s article reports that “InBev and A-B are cultural opposites when it comes to spend, with the former harboring a fondness for cost-cutting and A-B doing the opposite.”

As a result, Perry believes that InBev may cut Budweiser’s advertising and sponsorship budgets by 25 to 50 percent.

Do the math: That means up to $250 million could be siphoned out of stadiums in the coming years, and that money is going to have to be made up elsewhere—like the fans’ pockets. 

Hey, maybe that will shorten the long lines at the restrooms after all.

Photo by sashamd on, (cc) some rights reserved.