The Art of Selling Without Being Commercial

I knocked Stride Gum earlier this week for not getting more out of its sponsorship of Matt “the dancing guy” Harding.

But that begs the question: How can brands make their mark without ruining the art of such viral promotions? Would Matt’s video work if he were wearing a Stride T-shirt? Not a chance.

I think Clorox Green Works gets it right here (see video above) with its sponsorship of Paul “Moose” Curtis, a reverse-graffiti artist who “makes pictures by cleaning.”

The video is beautiful and engaging. The sponsorship is conspicuous but not clumsy. And, most importantly, there’s a clear tie-in to the product.

From what I’ve read, Clorox isn’t the first brand to enlist Moose. But I’m not grading this effort on originality.

The next time I think of environmentally friendly cleaning products, Green Works will be the first mainstream brand that comes to mind. And isn’t that the whole point? Great job, Clorox.