Did You See 3,000 Ad Messages Today?


For awhile now, I’ve been hearing that consumers are bombarded (always “bombarded”) by more than 3,000 ad messages a day.

In an article in Sunday’s Times, NPD Group’s Marshal Cohen actually pinpointed it at 3,156.

I’m not sure where Cohen’s number came from—I dropped him a note to inquire—but his quote made me wonder where the magic 3K number came from in the first place.

Is it a reliable number? Or just another myth that got spun into a meme?

Although pinponting the source is a little tricky, the origin may have been a Yankelovich study—as pointed out in this detailed post by Ilya Vedrashko on Hill, Holiday’s blog back in November.

Oh, and as Vedrashko points out, that number is up to 5,000 now. So does that mean we’re now getting shelled, bombed or blitzed?

Times Square photo by ethicbmx on Flickr.com, (cc) some rights reserved.