It’s Time for a Change—In Presidential Polling

Hope.jpg  Nope.jpg

According to a Newsweek poll last week, Barack Obama has a 15-point lead over John McCain among registered voters nationwide.

The publication is careful to point out that such early polls are rarely indicative of election results, and that other national surveys indicate a much closer political race.

But I wonder why this sort of meaningless popularity polling persists when it’s the electoral race that really counts.

Why don’t polls report how the candidates are doing state by state—and then project those totals to electoral votes?

How are the candidates doing in Ohio or Pennsylvania or Florida? And how do those numbers compare to past elections? Are any blue states leaning red… or vice versa? That’s the scorecard I want to follow.

While I’m on it: The NOPE image above wasn’t produced by the Obama campaign. It’s just one of dozens of creative posters created by passionate backers. Will these well-meaning—but ultimately divisive—efforts win cheers from supporters but turn off crucial swing voters?

And if you were managing the Obama brand, what would you do about it?