Fight for the Truth—Buy a Coffee Mug


John Kerry didn’t fight back when opponents attacked his integrity. Wisely, Barack Obama is intent on not making the same fatal error.

Last week, he launched to separate fallacies from facts, and enable supporters to spread the truth about his campaign.

ObamaMug.jpgIt’s a great strategy. And further proof of Obama’s Internet savvy. Well, sort of…

On Friday, I sent myself a link to Fight The Smears, so I’d remember to visit the site. Not so coincidentally, I received an e-mail blast from the Obama Store this morning hawking t-shirts, posters and mugs.

I never “opted in” for the mailing. And there’s no way to opt out at the bottom of the e-mail. So while I enthusiastically applaud Obama’s “fight the smears” campaign, I hope the candidate takes the same tough stance on fighting Internet spam, too.