American Icons for Sale

BudBottle2.jpgChryslerBuilding.jpgGet ready for the great conundrum of the 21st century: Globalism works both ways.

And that means other cash-rich countries and companies will want a piece of America, just as we’ve set our sights on the rest of the world.

Just yesterday, Belgium’s InBev announced a $46.4 billion takeover bid for Anheuser-Busch.

And the Abu Dhabi Investment Council is rumored to be buying a 75 percent stake in the Chrysler Building.

If both of these American icons fall, a seismic quake of protectionism will surely follow. CEOs and politicians will need to reframe the issue or we’ll all get sucked into that chasm.

Photos: Budweiser Bottle from Wikimedia Commons; Chrysler Building by lukeroberts on, (cc) some rights reserved.