It’s Time for Me to Reboot

ShutdownDay.jpgI missed Shutdown Day last week. And it looks as though most people did.

Last year, the group that sponsors the “offline” event received 50,000 pledges worldwide from people who said they’d turn off their computers and other electronics for a day. That number number plummeted to only 14,000 in 2008.

Well, I’m heading off shortly for vacation. And I’d like to see if I can go more than a week without going online—even to check my e-mail. And that means no blogging either.

So look for Mental Shavings to return the week of May 19. (Unless, of course, I choose to go off the grid for good.)

Thanks for your readership—and support. I hope to reboot with a refreshed outlook, fresh insights and, hopefully, a good story or two to share.