Nirvana for Political Ad Junkies

NixonTheMan.jpgIf you have a jones for political advertising like I do, stop surfing around YouTube for your fix.

Instead, check out “The Living Room Candidate,” an addictive online exhibition of more than 250 television ads from every presidential election from 1952 through 2004.

Hosted by New York’s Museum of the Moving Image, “Candidate” allows you to browse political commercials by year, by candidate, and even by issue.

Where else are you going to find Richard Nixon singing happy birthday to Duke Ellington? Or see Jimmy Carter walking through the peanut fields of Plains? Or watch Lyndon Johnson’s infamous “Daisy” ad for the 100th time?

You’ll even find transcripts for each of the ads. So don’t visit this online exhibit unless you’ve got some time to kill. And while you’re at it, see if you can count how many times candidates talk about “change.”