Is Greenpeace Going Soft—Or Getting Smart?

Many organizations say they are fighting to save the planet. Greenpeace means it—quite literally.

For more than 35 years, the group’s marauding activists have uncloaked serious environmental threats across the globe with their “brave acts of defiance.”

Don’t expect those tactics to change. But, taking a page from the PETA playbook, Greenpeace looks like it is trying to broaden its appeal to everyday people, many of whom are repelled by the group’s in-your-face reformism.

Take a look at this stunning new commercial (above) and you’ll see exactly what I mean. The piece not only does a beautiful job of communicating its message, it may also be helping to reposition Greenpeace’s brand.

Now if only we could do something about those armies of clipboard-wielding volunteers. (“Oh, you don’t have a minute to save the planet.”)