A Dune with a View

Tulum, Mexico, isn’t the Riviera Maya. It’s that burgeoning resort region’s scruffy sibling.

And despite all of the pressure to develop, Tulum is still a great place to kick back and relax without billboards, boom boxes or beach planes advertising all-you-can-eat buffets. (See video above.)

After vacationing there for a week, you’d think I’d have dozens of deep thoughts to share. But the best I can come up with is this limp list of reveries. But, then again, maybe that’s the whole idea of going on vacation…

1. Everyone knows that Mexican water is undrinkable. So why doesn’t that taint the image of Mexican beer? 

2. There’s a bird in the Yucatan that chirps the first four notes of “The Match Game” tune in perfect pitch. (Unfortunately at 6AM.)

BimboLogo.jpg3. I’m a sucker for products with cute, anthropomorphic animal logos.

4. When you’re 6-foot-10, you need to be really careful putting on deodorant in a room with a rotating ceiling fan.

5. You gotta’ love the word “snorkel.”

6. Will the current obsession with celebrity pregnancies lead to a “baby bump” boom?

7. Why do we all know who invented the cotton gin, but not who invented the air conditioner?

8. You can’t buy Diet Coke in Mexico—or many other parts of the world. It’s Coke Light, which is a much better name. Why not use it in the U.S., too?

9. Wow! So that’s what ceviche is really supposed to taste like.

10. Geckos do not speak with a British accent and, at least the ones I talked to, can’t save you diddly on your car insurance.