What Is the Color of Magic?

Sunshine222.jpg     PretendSteak222.jpg

Lion222.jpg     AtTheBeach222.jpg

If the folks at Benjamin Moore need help coming up with names for their next color chart, they don’t have to hire me. 

All they have to do is visit the children’s “Name a Color” wall at The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art for a spectrum of inspiring ideas.

I’m not sure I want to repaint my office “Pretend Steak.” But who wouldn’t want to spend every day working “At the Beach”?

My wife and I discovered the museum for the first time yesterday while driving through Amherst, Mass. The stunning 40,000-square-foot facility is a must-see destination if you’re ever in the area.

If the name Eric Carle isn’t ringing a bell, think “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” (among other kids’ classics). Carle’s captivating collages are just a sample of the original picture-book illustrations on display at the museum.