The Best Direct Mail Piece Ever?

Cida5.jpgCida is a marketing genius. Or, perhaps, she is merely the invention of a very cunning cleaning service. (Sorry, that’s my cynical side coming through.)

But she sent me this letter. And it just may be the best piece of direct mail I’ve ever received. Simple, smart, targeted… and, hopefully, authentic, too.

Hand addressed “To: Resident” the letter begins…

My name is Cida. I am a Brasilian lady. I am divorced and take care my kids alone. I have three kids.

I clean Jennifer’s house—Cutler’s Farm Rd—Monroe. I like hard work and I’m looking for more jobs.  

Cutler’s Farm Road is just down the street from me. So it makes sense. (Even though I don’t know who Jennifer is.)

So either this is an incredibly heartfelt effort from a creative and enterprising woman. Or it’s the worst thing that’s happened to direct mail since the launch of Capital One.