The Ad You Didn’t See That Really Won Texas for Hillary

Hillary Clinton’s stunning wins in Ohio and Texas are being analyzed from all sides this morning. And lots of pundits are crediting her controversial 3AM red phone ad for the impressive turnaround.

I hope that isn’t true—and that this fall’s election doesn’t come down to who can out-fearmonger whom. In my view,the ad was only half of the strategy that led to last night’s successes.

The red phone ad (brilliantly or despicably) distracted Obama, knocking him off of his game long enough for Hillary to reconnect with and reenergize her core supporters: women.

Take a look at the moving “This One’s for Ann” ad (above) to see what I mean. And, to a lesser degree, “One of a Million” and “Night Shift,” too.

Watch the red phone ad again in light of this more nuanced strategy. Was it an appeal to motherhood as much as it was an attack on Obama’s experience? Note: The ad is even called “Children” on Hillary’s site.