Robert Stinson Retires from His Newstand/Candy Store

CandyStore250.jpgAs much as our industry celebrates creativity, it also covets clichés. Among my least favorite: Cutting through the clutter.

You’ll hear it, especially, when agencies present unorthodox—and often outlandish—ideas that are meant to arrest consumer attention in a media-saturated world.

In truth, these ideas often just add to the noise. And it’s messages that speak quietly to the heart that genuinely break through.

Last night I got reminded of that again as I walked to my car after a long day of work and an evening of school.

What “cut through the clutter” wasn’t the sexy backlit bus-stop billboards lining Broadway. It was this simple—yet endearing—message taped to a light pole: “Robert Stinson Retires From His Newstand/Candy Store March 31, 2008. Join us to celebrate this joyous occasion.” 

Enjoy your retirement Mr. Stinson. I sure hope you’re a real person and not part of a guerrilla marketing campaign for a new vodka launch.