Oh, Honey, You Really Shouldn’t Have

If you live in NYC, maybe you’ve heard Valentine’s radio ads for BigPlush.com. You know, the ones with such sweet-nothing sentiments as:

“Imagine a Teddy Bear that’s taller than a pro basketball player delivered to their front door on a dolly!” 

Well, here’s a promotion video from the site. And—whoa—this ain’t no Vermont Teddy Bear Company. Somebody needs to take this guy’s video camera away. (“You OK? You’re sure?”)

By the way, the 8-foot, 40-pound stuffed bear costs $399.99—or $439.99 with an “I Love You This Much” t-shirt. But be sure to act quickly.

Like the radio ad says: “Order now to make sure the love of your life gets the surprise of their life.”

And who said truth in advertising is dead?