Happy 100th Blog-Day, Mental Shavings


I didn’t really launch MentalShavings.com last August. I just sort of nudged it out into the world. Still, hundreds of visitors stumble onto my site each month—many of whom have become enthusiastic readers and fans.

While that still makes me a coffee-shop singer on the global Internet stage, I can still act like a major media source by stooping to the lowest of all lows—publishing a “best of” list of previous material.

So, to help celebrate my 100th blog (earlier this week), here are the “Top Ten” Mental Shavings posts—ranked in order of readership—from my first five months of musings. Yep, that’s right, what a pile of shavings…


1. Bom-Chicka-Oh-Oh: What Happens When Brand Values Collide? It’s OK for Unilver to market both the Dove and Axe brands. But can they bathe in the glow of corporate responsibility at the same time?

2. Sell The Sizzle Not the Sodium Phosphate Kraft Cheese wants you to “have a happy sandwich.”

3. The Myth of Controlling Communications Crotch shot or snow angel? Target takes flack for risqué billboard—and for turning its back on the blogosphere.

4. Where Is Don Draper When We Need Him? Do you miss “Mad Men” as much as I do? Then re-watch Don Draper’s brilliant Kodak Carousel pitch again…and again… and again. (Click.)

5. Barking Won’t Budge the Cows My dog, Roger, teaches the fine art of understanding your audience.

6. Hey, MasterCard: Leave the Funk Alone Should extraterrestrial party music that celebrated sex and drug use be used to sell credit cards and back-to-school supplies?

7. I’ll Have What She’s Having Alicia Silverstone bares all for PETA video.

8. Mastering the Art of Meaningful Distractions Yes, I really, really, really love Maira Kalman.

9. I’ll Have a Fanta with My Frankfurter “Tom is more likely to buy a Toyota, move to Totowa and marry Tessa than is Joe, who is more likely to borrow a Jeep, move to Jonestown and marry Jill.”

10. And You Thought Your Job Sucks Cleveland Santa Claus wants to snake your toilet.

Photo by funadium on Flickr.com, (cc) some rights reserved.