Did Honest Tea Founder Tell a Lie?

HonestTea.jpgAfter selling 40 percent of his company to Coke, Honest Tea Founder Seth Goldman wrote a heartfelt blog that explained that the deal “took months to put together and even longer to think about.”

Yet back in November, Goldman shook off any interest in a deal with the beverage goliath, telling Inc. magazine: “I don’t think for us it would make sense based on the way our brand has evolved and is evolving.”

Did Goldman get the timing wrong? Did he have a profound change of heart? Or was he spinning the truth rather than declining to comment, as most CEOs are trained to do.

I’m guessing it’s the latter. And I’ll guess that few people care, as “truthiness” becomes an accepted way of being—whether it’s in business, politics, professional sports or everyday life.

I’m a fan of Goldman and his products. So I hope he’s being sincere when he pledges not to “sell out” his values by selling part of his business. When the name of your company is Honest Beverages, you should be held to that standard.