Money Can’t Buy You Trust

Years ago, in the early stages of the Enron crisis, an ad agency called me to write some ads to help restore trust in the company.

As absurd as that sounds—and, no, I didn’t take the job—I hear the same kinds of sentiments swirling around in financial circles today.

Image ads aren’t going to solve the crisis of confidence that so may money managers face. In fact, they may just aggravate an already outraged public, particularly if the economic downturn deepens.

The Madoff mess has only stirred that pot, as this venomous piece written by Rabbi Marc Gellman for Newsweek makes caustically clear.

You can pump money into the system. But trust will take far longer to rebuild. Look for a new ROI metric in 2009: Return on Integrity.

Photo by LWPrencipe on, (cc) some rights reserved.