Shepard Fairey, The Giant?

Was it the economy again, stupid? Or was it Obama’s marketing campaign that helped him build the lead he has going into today’s election?

No matter which side of the debate you take, Shepard Fairey’s HOPE poster (and its countless parodies) has to be a topic in the discussion.

You may not know Fairey by name, but you probably know his work: the Andre the Giant “Obey” graphic that seemed to be plastered on every urban street pole and garbage can in the late 80s and 90s (see above).

And that’s why I’ve always had mixed feelings about the Obama poster. Because while I loved the image, I also feared that its propoganda-style design vernacular would alienate voters “in the middle.”

That may have happened. (After all, what says “socialism” better than a Che Guevara-esque graphic?) But the image did FAR more good by rallying young voters and new Democrats. So I’ll be happy to be proven wrong tonight when the pundits start parsing the election results.

For more on Fairey and the Obama poster, check out this interview published yesterday on a popular art/culture site. (Thanks, DD, for sending me the link.) Now stop reading this blog and get out and vote today!