Has Malcolm Reached His Tipping Point?

Malcolm Gladwell is a brilliant writer and storyteller. So much so, that critics of his sociology are often dismissed as having author envy.

That balance may be near its own tipping point if this caustic review of Gladwell’s new book “Outliers” in The New York Times this morning is any clue. Don’t look for any of these blurbs on future book jackets:

• “Outliers” shares the same “shake-and-bake” recipe as Gladwell’s previous books, “but does so in such a clumsy manner that it italicizes the weaknesses of his methodology.”

• “Glib, poorly reasoned and thoroughly unconvincing.”

• “A flimsy selection of colorful anecdotes and stories.”

Gladwell’s fans sure don’t seem to mind. Released this morning, “Outliers” has already broken into Amazon.com’s Top Ten. (Just behind the book of a true outlier—Barack Obama.)