When Consumer Insights Attack

This “baby mama” ad for J&J’s Motrin has been attacked from all sides over the past 48 hours. The question every offended viewer asks is: How could Motrin be sooooo out of touch with what mothers think?

I’m guessing the opposite is actually true, and that the ad reflects the private feelings of many young moms, probably elicited from focus groups or real-life eavesdropping (ethnographic research).

Unfortunately, those same mothers probably wouldn’t want those feelings to be expressed in public. And there are plenty of other women—and men—who find the sentiment, public or private, to be repugnant.

The whole flap has definitely caught Motrin off guard and, as of right now, the brand’s website is down. Bloggers have reported, however, that the company has responded to complaints with this smartly worded e-mail.