All the Nutrients; None of the Toxic Waste

Getting a lot of Halloween-themed e-mail promotions this week? This “Go Batty” blast for fossilized bat feces from Arbico Organics is my favorite so far. (And, yes, the product is real.)

Archipelago Fossilized Bat Guano

This all-natural phosphate fertilizer is mined from ancient deposits of fossilized bat guano in collapsed Indonesian caves. It is OMRI listed as a mined mineral, and has WSDA approval.

Because it is fossilized, it has no nitrogen, no odor, and no potentially harmful bacteria, all of which can be found in fresh guano. Also, because it is totally organic, it has numerous nutrients essential for plant life, without adding the toxic waste found in man-made super-phosphate fertilizers.

Archipelago Fossilized Bat Guano is rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, and zinc. It is also excellent for promoting vigorous flowers, fruits, and vegetables, as well as strong root growth and hardiness.